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12!-1: Mauricio Kagel: A Semic Life
12!-2: I(<3)U!: A Factorial Chapbook
12!-3: My Twisted World: The Annotated Elliot Rodger

Pool time with Declan and Uncle Kaith! (at Litchfield By The Sea Resort)
Haven&#8217;t Native Americans suffered enough? #Harrahs #Cherokee  (at Harrah&#8217;s Cherokee)
#Nalani and her sister #Sarina.  (at The Bitter End)
Missed him at #TheKitchen last time &#8216;round, but Arto Lindsay and crew putting on a clinic here.  (at (le) poisson rouge)


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What Would Happen If You Drank Water From The Gowanus Canal? | Popular Science

The Hotel Dylan Opens for Business in Woodstock


A haiku from the article: Jury Awards $23.6 Billion in Florida Smoking Case

14 Hilarious Automatic Text and Tweet Generators With a Flair for Poetry and Language Play | Mental Floss

At Home with the Carpenter Family on The New Yorker Video

David Shapiro Isn't Much Use to Anyone

Military bands employ top musicians, face cuts

(Source: Washington Post)



Listen: The Post-Beatles ‘Black Album’ From Richard Linklater's ‘Boyhood’

Minus proper archives, news outlets risk losing years of backstories forever